It wasn’t easy for me to pick 5-6 traits I thought strongly described me or applied to myself.  I confidently chose about 4 and the other two I saw myself as occasionally but not on a consistent basis.  There were so many traits to choose from that it felt a bit overwhelming, however I did manage to narrow it down to dependable, intelligent, kind, organized, trustworthy, and logical.  To my surprise many people viewed me the same way I viewed myself with the exception of being logical.  Apparently in the end I consisted of 25 of the traits according to my friends and my family. 60% of the 10 people pinned me as caring which I did not pick for myself, but it is very similar to kind which I chose. My next highest percentage was energetic, dependable, and mature at 40%.  I was surprised to see energetic on there and that so many people thought of me consisting of this trait.  Spontaneous is one some picked that I was shocked by, I don’t consider myself this at all. I am very stick by the book and follow the rules kind of girl,  but I guess to others I have a little wild and adventurous side too?

I think its great to see how others view me however the list had no negative traits like lazy, annoying, grumpy, etc.  Also the people picking your traits aren’t going to pick the bad because they know you are going to see it.  People may feel uncomfortable choosing what they actually think suits you because they fear you may not like the answer. The test may accurately access what your friend “want you” to think how they view you, but they may realistically view you quite differently. This test would have worked better if individuals go to type in 6 traits they thought of you instead of choosing from a list.



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