The four tests seemed to give me slightly different results about my personality. I believe some were accurate in representing how I perceive myself and my personality, however some characteristics were quite far fetched. The first test labeled me as ENTJ consisting of 34% extraverted, 12% intuitive, 19% thinking, and 38% judging. The description of this type of person described me pretty accurately.  It stated little encouragement was needed for this person to make a plan. That this individual was decisive, sees what needs to be done and makes it work, and actively applies material to the world.  Other attributes consisted of remaining stable through stress, mechanical memorization, organization skills, and having a large social circle. I believe these characteristics describe the type of person I am very well.  This test provided the most information out of the four even offering job options a person of this personality would do well at.  The next test placed me as an ESTJ personality type considered a “Administrator”.  It describes this type of person to be in touch with the external environment, loyal, and responsible.  This site didn’t go in to full details or more information but a simple brief summary. I could see myself as having these traits as well.

Test number 3 gave you the percentile you fell based on five markers after ranking a series of questions. I scored 96% extraverted, 52% emotionally stable, 76% agreeableness, 95% conscientiousness, and 28% intellect/ imaginative.  This means my determined personality was outgoing, not very stable, friendly, diligent, and traditional.  The higher you scored percent wise the more you exhibited a certain trait. The last test looked at color choices you were to choose dependent on mood, I found this one least accurate.  The color test then separated results into categories of existing situation, stress score, restrained, desired objective, and actual problem.  My results concluded that I need excitement and constant stimulus in my life.  I am said to have a thriving need for adventure and stress the importance of freedom and independence.  I am to be open and emotionally involved in a relationship but distant from those close to me. I’m bothered when my needs and desires aren’t understood and have a self centered attitude.  I supposedly desire to make a good impression and to be seen as unique.  I plan and scheme and I am greatly impacted by what others think of me.  My problem is having things stand in the way of freedom to make own decisions. I am said to work hard to build my position and status. I feel that the outcome or statement this source gave me could be applicable to all people or individuals and not necessarily just myself.

I don’t believe any of these sources provided a completely accurate representation of my personality type.  They are said to all be similar but provided quite different results. I however did find myself relating to some of the characteristics the descriptions had described.


One thought on “Week 11- Personality tests

  1. It’s interesting how you found yourself relating to most of what the tests said about you even though all four yielded different results. I’m interesting in knowing why you think you got varying degrees of results. For the color test, I actually got the same results that you did, almost to the word, so I wonder if the answers for that test are very generalized, since I doubt that we had the same order of colors twice. I agree with you that this test seemed the least valid, considering personality questions were not at play here, and the results seemed to have a horoscope effect: they could truly fit anyone if you tried hard enough.


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