I don’t believe to constrict the definition of an educator to the sole responsibility of a school teacher.  I have had a wide range of educators throughout my life consisting of teachers, family, friends, and even strangers that I believe have had a huge influence in making the person I am today. Intelligence in my eyes is a matter of not only genetics but the impact that those around you have had in how you perceive and interpret the knowledge you are dealt with. We are constantly presented with new information each day in the classroom and outside of the classroom what we do with it determines our intelligence.

An educators expectations has strongly influenced how I have learned.  When my teachers in the past have wanted me to do well and succeed I tend to be smarter and learn more.  It is nice to know a educator is on your side and wants you to be your best.  An individuals positive encouragement and personal interactions can go a long way in helping me learn.  I have crossed teachers who have motivated and inspired me to be engaged with readings and lessons, these teachers have grew my intelligence. I have also experienced nasty and cruel teachers that have even said the words “I give up”. I had trouble in math in fourth grade and I can recall my teacher telling me that I wouldn’t pass that grade if I couldn’t multiply.  She had no encouragement to give me and she didn’t believe I could do it but my parents did.  My dad started working on me with math every day he didn’t give up he had faith I would succeed even if we had to start at the bottom.  I ended up completing that year with a good grade and even ended up being in the accelerated math class in middle school.  The best teachers are the ones that push you to do your best and don’t admit defeat when things seem impossible.

A teacher not bringing outside influences or belief into a classroom can be beneficial. An educator entering a situation with an open mind, not being judging, or having a preference to favor can be a positive in a classroom setting as well.  The ability of a teacher to recognizing different learning styles of students and where to direct there attention to can help a child improve learning. School systems should encourage teachers to put their best foot forward when teaching and have the attitude and mentality that every student should succeed.  Come in with the thought that “as an educator I will do whatever it takes to help them reach success and be their best”.



One thought on “Intelligence: Educators Influence

  1. I personally think teachers with those negatives attitudes should be outright fired, it is the job of educators to teach students, not select who is and isn’t worthy of doing well. Some of my best teachers have been the teachers who treat their students like human beings and try to engage with them on a more personal level. If a teacher is mean or even boring it’s very difficult to learn from them. Either you hate them too much to respect them or they’re too bland to listen to all the time. Having authority figures tell you you’re capable of succeeding is so important regardless of the environment you’re in. I believe success is largely influenced by a persons morale, and part of the teachers job should be keeping that morale up. To your last point about school systems encouraging teachers to have a positive attitude with students, I again think it should be required. Like I said, it’s very difficult to succeed with a negative attitude and people who have bad attitudes toward specific students should lost their jobs, they aren’t fit to be teaching.


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