When I get stressed from school work or I’m in a stressful situation I often take a deep breath and map out what I need to do.  The first thing I do in the beginning of the week is make a sticky note for each day and put on it the assignments or schoolwork I need to get done.  Spacing the work out I need to accomplish by the weekend helps me not to feel too overwhelmed all at once. When something gets done and I get to cross it off the list I feel huge relief off my shoulders. I like to stay very organized and on top of things not only with school work but other aspects of life too.  I hate when things happen unexpectedly or out of plan, like a pop quiz or an assignment a teacher throws in last minute.  These are the situations in which I get most stressed.  Exercise has always helps me to relieve an eventful of overwhelming day, a long run outside has always cured me. I try to schedule free time in my daily schedule as well to enjoy or do something I like, such as socializing with friends or watching a movie.  One thing I found I did quite frequently last year but not so much this is to color in a coloring book. Listening to music and a nice cup of green tea help to calm me down as well.  In the future, I would like to be able to cope better with the unexpected or the curve balls life throws at me.  Meditation is something I have always considered and wonder how well it works.  Learning different breathing strategies I think would also benefit me in a stressful situation.  I am interested to know others ways of stress relieving activities or management skills that I can incorporate into my life.


One thought on “Week 9 Stress

  1. Organization can play a huge role in how accomplished you feel and, in turn, how stressed you feel. Although, organization can quickly become negative when something unplanned comes into the mix, as you said, as it makes you feel like all of your organizing was futile as you are still unprepared. Know that organizing will always be useful, however, as feeling more prepared will help you believe that you are more prepared, even if you’re not entirely. I recommend that you get back into coloring, or possibly start meditation, as it sounds like you could benefit from a calming activity among all the high-strung planning, organizing, studying, etc. A slow, calming, de-stressing activity will do good.


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