Many college students often feel overwhelmed with work and have trouble with time managing.  I frequently found myself my first year of college spending late nights doing school work or studying for exams.  It was difficult for me to get to bed at a good time or to get what I viewed as enough sleep.  I believe the average amount of sleep a human should get is 8 hours, but an individual may need a little more or less.  I have gotten better recently with managing my school work so that I have been sleeping roughly 6-7 hours a night which I think is a pretty decent amount of sleep.  I also tend to be on my phone before I fall asleep which probably isn’t good for my sleeping schedule and should be a habit that I change.

I think around 6 hours of sleep or more is a reasonable number for college students who are swamped with school work and social lives.  It’s hard to balance it all and get accurate sleep but I do see the importance of sleep and believe steps should be taken to strive toward the ideal goal of the average 8 hours.  The brain restores and builds on what we learn during the day so sleeping can be just as important as studying for a class.  If you don’t get good sleep everything you have learned won’t be retained.  Neural connections of important things strengthen when we are asleep that being sleep deprived won’t allow.  I believe winding down would help benefit me to fall asleep instead of just jumping from doing school work right into bed.  I also have a bad habit of needing to sleep with some kind of light (I think its due to my fear of the dark) that probably isn’t aiding the sleeping process much.  Keeping an organized list and planning out homework, school events, sports, and sleep can also help me to recieve all the benefits from a good nights sleep.


One thought on “Week 7- Sleep

  1. 8 hours of sleep is a great goal to set for a college student! 6 or 7 is more feasable and more likely to be reached, but I like that you are trying to reach 8 hours. I also really liked how you brought up how sleep is an important part of learning! Not many people think of it that way, but it is true. Sleep strengthens connections made during the day, and it’s a great thing to think about when arranging sleep patterns. In regards to sleep patterns, I actually also scroll on my phone before and sleep with some form of lights on, but I know that neither of these things are the best for my sleep. All screens should be put away at least an hour before sleeping to wind down the brain. The lights on while sleeping can distrupt sleep by waking you up in the middle of the night, causing sleep to feel incomplete, leading to an alltogether bad night of sleep.


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